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UPDATE [3/1/2015]: 1200+ STUDENTS UPON INITIAL COURSE LAUNCH! JOIN THIS GROWING COMMUNITY OF ASPIRING MOBILE GAME ARTIST AND START CREATING YOUR OWN MOBILE GAME ART! SHARE PROGRESS AND JOIN IN ON THE DISCUSSIONS. *NEW SECTIONS ADDED - MATERIAL DESIGN SECTION *NEW LECTURES ADDED - SMOOTH TOOL LECTURE _____________________________________________________________________ "I really enjoyed going through this course. Rafael doesnt just teach you how to use some important tools in Adobe Illustrator, but he also teaches you the right techniques to use these tools to create good looking graphics in an easy way..." -Eli Solowej, Make Mobile Game Art Student Making mobile game art is never hard. All you need is the right mentor who can cut through the clutter and show you the core concepts, essential tools and proven workflows you only need to learn in order for you to become a mobile games artist. Have you ever wanted to create mobile game art? Make vector game art for video games? But you struggle or get overwhelmed because you think there's so much you need to learn? Questions and doubts arise. -What are the concepts you need to learn? -What tools to use? -What workflows actually work? -Do I even have to know how to draw? -You have an idea but you just can't seem to create it the way you want it? And mobile game art creation is a bit overwhelming to you? It doesn't have to be this way. Learning illustrator and creating professional mobile game art is EASY! There's just to much clutter being taught everywhere and it handicaps you to actually learn and create the artwork you want. If you want to make mobile game art, improve your workflows and implement best practices to your game art creation process, this course is for you. No shortcuts, just pure real world workflows! You can actually have the result you want in the fastest time possible and still create professional mobile game art. I have designed the course to let you have first-hand experience and be more confident in using illustrator upfront and get up and running in the quickest time possible and start making your own mobile game art. Just practical, proven workflows to a professional mobile game art, fast and top-quality art. ___________________________________________________________________________ Give yourself a fresh new perspective in using Adobe Illustrator and making mobile game art in this beginners course now. Save yourself from the headaches, clutter and overwhelming number of illustrator tools by only learning the core concepts, essential tools, workflows and best practices. Take action because the one that get's the first hand experience in anything are the one's that learn best. All future lectures to this mastery course are free - if you bought the course at the initial price of 99$ - you don't have to pay anything to get the new lectures. And of course, there's a 30 day no fluff no questions full money back guarantee! This course is mainly Adobe Illustrator for Mobile Game Art, but you can still follow along and use other similar software that has similar tools. About this course:
  • Full, free lifetime access
  • The course would be regularly updated and more lectures will be added.
  • The awesome Udemy 30 day money-back-guarantee.
  • Regular free resources to fast start your mobile game creation journey.
  • Challenging tasks that let you validate everything you will learn in this course.
  • Full support from the instructor

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