Video Editing. Learn how to make better videos. Ideal for Youtubers

**What everyone was requesting for**

In our education with the methodology  INNOVENTION, we seriously  consider every need of modern times and this is why we have launched this course of VIDEO EDITING

Selling your idea in times of the internet, requires a video. The success or impact you pretend to achieve, will depend on the way you transmit your message.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words.

This is the reason why movies and documentaries, with audio and video, become important. A succesful video is  well told story which can be understood or reasoned by a special public.

In this course, with our theory-practice methodology INNOVENTION, you can make your videos, edit and transmit them ( streaming), with an excellent high quality and , if you want, you can add special effects.

We want you to save on all the required tools, so you don´t have to compromise your budget.

This course is very useful for video-gamers, musicians, artists, movie fans, actors, professors, youtubers and any other person who want  to make more professional videos.

No. The methodology INNOVENTION is always theory accompanied with practice. You will learn the concepts and then you can practice.
Just a computer with enough memory and speed to download a software. A PC camera and a mic or headphones with mic.
Yes. Once you finish the course, the software and the examples can be saved in your own computer
Yes. The software has this capability. The only concern is your internet connection and speed.

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Enrolled: 23444 students
Duration: 40 hours
Video: 30 hours
Level: Beginner