EDUCATION FOR Children and Teens

Every time, it becomes more difficult to keep kid´s attention, because of the big interactive media offer like: Internet, Cell Phones, TV and video games. As a result, psychological aspects like behavior, attention, logic and emotions are strongly affected. There are several studies to show the strong relationship between video games and attention deficit disorders, hyperactivity, violence and lack of social interaction.

Innovation has developed a complete path to encourage children in STEM processes. Our methodology is focused on developing skills, self-learning and critical and complex thinking.
You have two options:

The kids (or parents from children) get access to the course and advance by themselves. For help, they can email the doubts, use the post and eventually, they can have a virtual meeting with one of the guides or the course´s author himself.

A real Tutor/Professor/Guide will be online with the kid (or a group) to explain and help you on every course´s subject. Kids have a virtual tutor in real-time with all the media resources available. For this parent/kid will have to agree with the instructor on a schedule.