According to the world bank, education is a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty. Our methodology INNOVENTION is especially designed to improve the future of children, by providing a lot four key elements which are fundamental in their educational process: cognition, formation, playful and social skills.

We have adapted education to modern times so, people and especially children can get access to our courses no matter their social, economic or geographical condition. We only require an stable internet connection, a computer, a low cost camera, a microphone and speakers.

In cases where it has been difficult the access to technology, we have managed using just one computer with internet access, connected to a TV set.

There are no major limitations nowadays, we can bring our courses to any population wherever they are, with the big advantage that you can verify this by checking all the videos we have.

We are fully engaged in bringing the best quality education to children and adults.
Videos and Testimonies
If you are interested in supporting our educational activities, please contact us. We are fully committed to results in all of our activities.