Our Methodology

The world has changed and most of the educational methodologies are the same used for about hundred years: children sitting on a chair waiting for an adult, or a system driven by an adult, to expose what is “needed” to learn.

Every time becomes more difficult to keep kid´s attention, mainly because of the big interactive media offer like: Internet, Cell Phones, TV and video games. As a result, psychological aspects like behavior, attention, emotions are strongly affected. There are several studies to show the strong relationship between video games and attention deficit disorders, hyperactivity, violence and lack of social interaction.

Innovention has developed a powerful methodology to incentive skills on four pillars of human growth: social, ludic, cognitive and knowledge.

The methodology not only focuses on the process for an individual to acquire applicable knowledge, most of the time known as “learning a field”, but simultaneously work on the required skills to develop social abilities, the understanding of the best ways for him to learn and how to make the learning process an experience full of fun.

As an example, a kid who wants to learn Robotics at Innovention has to go through the following process:

  1. Exercise his attention, detecting any possible problem
  2. Training on Reading under the methodology from Innovention, this includes reading comprehension and critical thinking
  3. Learning on electricity, electronics, mechanics and mechatronics.