As a Certified Guide/Instructor
Innovention considers education as a series process where the knowledge has to be obtained by the student. In assisted processes, there are two different roles:
Person who knows the methodology INNOVENTION and is fully qualified to help students to achieve a goal in specific subjects.
Professional certified in the methodology INNOVENTION who can impart trainings of advanced topics. The instructor must prove to be experienced or credited on the field of work.
Not every person is able to teach. This is why we have developed our certification process.


As a Course Writer
We are constantly enhancing our current courses or developing new ones. We look for skillful people to work under our direction to prepare course material, audiovisual tools and uploading the courses to the platform. This job is home based and can be done remotely.

On the other hand, if you have your own course, that might be helpful and interesting to people, you can discuss us the terms for us to include it in our portfolio.

We have a very special way to prepare our courses, because we do have a methodology to follow: INNOVENTION. We carefully review every course and check if we can adapt it to our requirements in order to have a harmonic result.

If you are interested, please send us an email. We will respond with an updated document of our requirements.

As a Developer
We think that always there is room for improvement. This is why we also have partnered with our platform for INNOVATION.

Most of our courses require software/hardware tools. We have the idea of what we need and you have the power to make them real. We are open to listen to your ideas and check if we can add them to our educational system as long as they are original and can be adapted to our courses to help on the learning process.

Fresh and crazy ideas are also welcome.
Our intention isn´t to keep our money in the bank, but distributing it among our followers and collaborators, through payments for needed works: from simply updating information on our websites up to development of specific features on our platform.
Please keep checking for our requirements.


As a Promoter
We strongly believe that the best way to achieve diffusion is through the “voice to voice” publicity, and we are willing to pay a fee for it. You can become a promoter of our educational platform by encouraging your friends and relatives to know more of our courses. In order to be fair with you and your payments, you first have to subscribe and keep us informed of possible contacts interested in joining our program (known as referred).

Before engaging with us as Promoter, please verify by yourself, the veracity of our words, courses and intentions: Truth and results are among our strengths.
Once you are convinced, send us an email and we will schedule a virtual meeting for you to get our promotional materials, know about our payments, check the videos, know about our classes, etc.

If you are interested, please send us an email with stating “Promoter” in the subject.

As a Sponsor
Sometimes you want to do more than just live your own life: helping others. This is a good opportunity for you to help children with their education. A nephew, a child you know, even a child from another country that you don´t know… You can become his/her sponsor.

There are a lot of kids with a good potential but because of the humble origin or lack of resources, they don´t have a complete access to education. Fortunately, we have found sponsors who selflessly are helping them to succeed in life. Please check our videos to see what these kid, with the correct guidance, can achieve.

If you want to help, there are two possible ways. You can support any of the foundations we work with or you can pay directly to us, for the kid you want to sponsor. Off course you can participate in the selection of these kids and receive information on his/her endeavor and performance...